SupERB- Progress and Implementation

During the Interim Period (December 2018-May 2020) of the Project the following milestones were achieved:

  • Completed Work-Packages (WP): WP3, “Investigation of mechanical and thermal properties of available materials” and WP4, “Establishment of criteria for target performance level”, were successfully completed.
  • Completed Deliverables: During the Interim Period, the following deliverables were prepared and submitted to the RIF:
    • “D1.1-Minutes of Kick-off meeting”, related to WP1
    • “D7-Website”, related to WP2
    • “D8- Material properties investigation”, related to WP3
    • “D9- Establishment of criteria for target performance level”, related to WP4

“D16- Risk Assessment Mitigation strategy” related to WP1